Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Online Fitness Subscription

We are so excited to announce that we have launched our very own exercise subscription! You will be able to sign up here and join our exercise community. With access to wide range of REALISTIC, FUN and TARGETED exercises, safe for both PRE and POST NATAL Mamas / Mamas in general.

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Our beautifully curated care packages support all Mamas by stimulating your senses. Need to feel refreshed, calm, nourished or energised? Visit our online shop to spoil a Mama or yourself today!


Nutritional eBooks

We have created Nutritionist qualified eBooks to support Pregnant, Postpartum and Breastfeeding Mamas. You can find lifestyle and nutrition tips to help support Mamas through some of the ailments and stages of motherhood. Visit our online shop to buy your copy today!

Online Support Community

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I've done a few of the workouts online and WOW! My muscles are burning, in all the right ways! I've also really enjoying the stretch one. The instructions are really clear and easy to flow, great to see a real Mama joining in to!

The Mama's Worth workout was just what I needed, thank you. It felt like we were all in the living room together. I'm grateful for the convenience of doing the different workouts at my own pace and a time that works for me, for example, nap time!

Sarah, Soon to be Mama

Lexi, Mama


"Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in human life. There is nothing as powerful as a Mother's love and there is nothing more healing as a child's soul."

Marianne Vicelich


Meet Zoe

Hello Mamas! My name is Zoe and I am a Mama of two little boys. I’ve always felt I’d be a Mama of boys, as coming from a family of four sisters, I longed for a brother. I have worked for several years as a Primary School Teacher, before beginning my journey as a Mama. During my first postpartum period, I found that there was a missing link in the support structures for Mothers. There was no consistent and hands-on support to breastfeed, learn about the changes to our bodies and minds or the knowledge of resources to help our bodies recover. The cultural Western expectation to just “bounce back” or “do it all” is not realistic or fair. Our bodies are magnificent beings and we need to celebrate, nurture and care for our new bodies and minds. Mamas should be able to have the time to bond with their new baby (no matter how many children you may or may not have already), and recover. This is no longer always possible.

I feel so passionately that there needs to be more support for all mothers out there, especially during the precious postpartum period. We hope that Mama’s Worth can provide Mamas with some support and help.


When I feel healthy, centered and connected to the universe, I can function from a higher place in all parts of life.

Marianne Vicelich


Meet Andrea

Meet one of Mama’s Worth co-founder's, Andrea. Andrea covers the physical side of the business. Her passion for health and exercise has developed ever since she was a young girl. 
Andrea is the third sister in her family and has spent much of her life surrounded by women; both in her family and working life too. 
Andrea is a qualified exercise professional, specialising in Reformer Pilates and is also qualified in Pre and Post-Natal exercise. 
On top of that, Andrea is a Qualified Nutritionist and has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. Her passion has led her to own her very own clinic, KYH Nutrition. 
Speak to Andrea today for any nutritional and physical support you made be seeking. 
Andrea’s dream is to guide and lead you beautiful Mamas to a wholesome lifestyle filled with love and vitality.



Mama's Worth is partnered up with KYH Nutrition. The clinic is focused around the holistic healing and support through nutritional and dietetic medicine.

We believe that personalised treatment plan is the best way to guide our clients through their health journey, in search to reach their optimal health. We welcome every client through our doors including preconception health, pre-natal health and post-natal health.

KYH Nutrition specialises in personalised compounds. These products will not leave a hole in your pocket and are the most effective for symptom relief.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Andrea, the owner and founder of KYH Nutrition.